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Blog Diaries: She Likes Fashion From Poland

September 27, 2013 3 min read

When it comes to fashion blogging there are many great and talented minds pursuing their dreams. Its not always easy being a fashion blogger in a world filled with so much talent but one person stands out from the rest, one of our favorite fashion bloggers and a long time friend of zeroUV is Kinga Procek from She Likes Fashion Blog

Her journey began almost 5 years ago as a young aspiring fashion blogger and has blossomed into a very successful career. Her style is unique and polished and she has a great eye for making an outfit look girly and playful! We interviewed Kinga about her life as a blogger and she let us into her fantastic world of fashion blogging; and gave us the scoop on what inspires her fashion style, what are her influences and why she likes fashion so much! 

Q:  Which item from your wardrobe can you not live without and why?
A: I can't like without leather jacket and skirt. Even though I wear cardis and jeans often I cannot imagine my wardrobe without these two pieces which make me feel good whenever I need or want to.

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: Wow, that's not easy to say ;) I had blogged before the blogspot. In summary I think it's more than 5 years now.

Q: Who and/or what are your fashion inspirations?
A: I have many inspirations. I cannot point one because it changes a lot but I have to admit that whenever I need to lookout for some ideas I go to two girls blogs: ps. I love fashion and Sincerely Jules. They're both amazing and I always find ideas I need.;)

How long have you been interested in fashion?
A: I think since always. My grandma was first real fashion icon for me. She was so tiny that she always used to buy american or British Vogue, pick items from there and made them by herself. I remember that she had tiny feet and all her shoes were made by one guy in Warsaw. She always was classy in kinda 50's way and she thought me and interested me first in fashion. I think I was no more than 4 or 5 years old.

Q: Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers?
A: Always be yourself. Don't ever let fashion and trends make you look like you're not you. Today's fashion is all about expressing yourself, so do it!;)

Q: What does your current wishlist consist of?
A: This wish list doesn't have an end.;) But seriously, now all I can think of is black woolen coat with leather sleeves and Michel Kors jet set tote.

Q: Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?
A: Even though my blog isn't that big it really affected my life and career. I'm working as a shopping adviser and stylist because of it. I think it wouldn't happen if I haven't become a blogger.

Q: Tell us about your fashion sense and how it has changed throughout the years?
A: It has changed a lot. Years back I was a sport type of girl. You know, easy going school girl. Throughout the years I became more aware of my body and myself and now I rather think of my style as a feminine but still in comfy kind of way.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of fashion blogging?
A: I have a lot of hobbies.;) I love decor, architecture, travelling, sports like running, dancing (I'm totally in love with ballet), I love to read during long winter evenings. I could write about my hobbies forever because there are so many...;)

Q: In your opinion, what is the crucial thing in being original about the way somebody dresses? Having the nerve, knowledge or….?
A: It's all about finding yourself. Of course, you can inspire yourself by looking at other's style but as long as you're interpreting it not doing copy/paste into your wardrobe, you're good. I see many copycats on the streets, girls and guys without any ideas for themselves. And all you need is a little bit of creativity and then you get original  Of course, there are more and less original people but it depends from their character.

We are over joyed that Kinga has had such a successful career in the world of fashion blogging. We hope that she continues her journey and never stops sharing her fashion style with the world! Thank you Kinga for the amazing interview and many years of successful collaborations. We are excited to what the future holds for our partnership! We love She Likes Fashion Blog!!! 
Interview by: Becka Levy
Photos courtesy of: She Likes Fashion

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