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March 15, 2016 2 min read

elle-may hat bewolf hat flamcis hat

Hats are back. And they’re certainly not just for the boys! They are the ultimate style accessory to really pull an outfit together and make a statement. Just like a great shoe, you can wear anything with a great hat! The look isn’t limited to Summer when the UV is in full force either - there are many ways you can make a hat chic, regardless of the season.

We all have bad hair days, so kill two birds with one stone and tuck wayward hair away while also creating a complement to your outfit! Stylish, woolly toppers are perfect for the cool weather. Classic styles, such as the fedora, evoke old-world grace and charm. There are no rules - you can match your hat to your outfit’s coloring or use it to break it up.

Floppy shapes are inspired for a more casual look. Be sure to angle it correctly - you don’t want to hide your pretty face! With Spring looming, it’s time to find a delightful woven style! Woven hats can sweeten up your daytime outfit. Try styling with faded denim for a relaxed look or pair it with a pretty sundress.

Masculine inspired hats can add playful contrast to patterned or floral clothing. They create a great silhouette, making your face a focal point! Western styles aren’t limited to rural roots either. They can work for city slickers, bringing a touch of edge to offset a flirty outfit.

A hat can give your look some extra polish. It can also turn an otherwise basic or blasé outfit into something next level. Play around with shapes to see what works for you - and prepare to be noticed!

flamcis hat 2 elle-may hat 2 rachel lynch hat 

Images: Elle-May Leckenby - Francis Lola - Bewolf Fashion - Rachel Lynch

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