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July 25, 2016 4 min read 1 Comment

Q: Let's start off with the popular, most eagerly asked question: When and how did it all begin? What got you motivated to embark on running a fashion blog?

My blog is actually fairly new, just barely a year old! I officially relaunched my site in May of last year as a blog vs. a portfolio site for my photo/video work. It all began because I needed a platform to fuel my passion that was strictly my own, a place for my work that wasn’t funneled through the filter of the companies that I worked for. I had dabbled into blogging online a few times at that point (Myspace, LiveJournal, Xanga, etc.), but when I had, it wasn’t a lucrative or legitimate career path yet. But soon enough, I noticed that a space in the market for the “blogger” was formed, and the demand for “influencer marketing” was growing steadily. When that observation was made, it was only a matter of time until I decided to take it seriously.

Q: There is always a special, significant meaning behind a blog's name. Can you please share the story or meaning behind your blog name This Beautiful Life?

I just knew that I needed it to be broad. So many people up until that point had told me that I needed to consolidate the content and concept of my blog; that I needed to pick a few things to write about and stick to them, but I never wanted to do that. I enjoy writing about anything that moves me, and I needed the name to make sense as an umbrella for everything that I would be compelled to write about, so it ended up being perfect. Under ThisBeautifuLife I can write about travel, tech, food, fashion, beauty, my thoughts and feelings, even hardships and heavier pieces, and they can all still fall under this thing called “life”. And it is indeed beautiful. :) 

Q: To get to know you on a more fun and personal level, what is your favorite movie, food/drink, place, book, and color? 

Movie: There are way too many. Let’s just say I’m really drawn to action, horror, and fantastic cinematography. Food: Steak Drink: Water (so boring lol) Place: Again, way too many. I’ll get a headache trying to pick one. Book: Daring Greatly and The Untethered Soul (but I have a few more on my bookshelf that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet that I might like even more) Color: Blue (especially Navy and Cobalt)

Arnelle Blog 1 Arnelle Blog 2

Q: It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words. A fashion blogger is largely based on the great photos they provide for their followers, and an important aspect of that is choosing the right photographer. How did you and your photographer meet? 

My “photographer” is a combination of myself and whoever is with me at the time, haha! As a shooter by trade, I’m extremely picky about my photos. I essentially have the person “stand in” (stand where I’m going to stand), and I set the camera, frame the photo, and take the picture, then hand them the camera and tell them to point the camera where I pointed it and take the exact same photo lol. It’s hard! Luckily the people I travel with are more than willing to help me out, plus I take photos of them, so there’s a balance of give and take!

Q: Your fashion style is unique & vintage ­based! Every look you do has its own individualistic touch. Does it ever become difficult to come up with such exclusive looks every time, or does it just come naturally? 

First of all, thank you so much! Those are very kind words. It’s always pretty natural for me, without tooting my own horn. Simply because I feel that personal style should be effortless. I believe wholeheartedly in wearing what we feel comfortable in, and for me, that’s a pretty wide range of looks, just because I’ve always just worn whatever I feel like, since I was a kid. Whenever I pick a piece I always have some sort of vision in my head as to what I want the overall outfit to look like, so it’s just a matter of achieving that vision!

Q: Fashion blogging definitely requires a lot of time and dedication. Has it in any way affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?

It absolutely has! My blog and social media channels often act as my resume, so the quality of my work is apparent, even before clients meet me. As a result, it’s given me the ability to stick solely to freelance in terms of Content Production, because clients know that I can achieve what they’re looking to achieve without having to be “in the office” every day. It’s allowed me to make my own schedule, and it’s allowed me to travel. My blog is my life. :)

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Q: We can’t help but notice your beautiful smile and the amazing, positive energy that lights up your blog. What motivates or inspires you to present the happy heart and optimism you hold?

Again, thank you! You guys are so sweet. :) I’ve always been a firm believer in spreading love and joy, even in the toughest of times. I’ve been learning even more heavily lately about the value that kindness, understanding, and grace can bring to any situation in this life, so I always keep those 3 words in mind on a daily basis. You never know when your smile might brighten someone’s day, or even save someone’s life. Be the change you want to see in this world, right? Smiling as often as possible is the first step in that direction. :)

Q: Lastly, there are so many up and coming bloggers looking to make their break in the fashion world, what advice would you give the next generation of young fashion­seeking bloggers?

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and your skill, and don’t ever stop. Consistency is key. On top of that, find ways to inspire yourself so that you continue to evolve as an influencer. Evolving is never a bad thing. Figure out what it is you bring to the table that is different from everyone else, and set yourself apart.

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Anna Victoria
Anna Victoria

August 09, 2016

Hi I would like to know if I buy more than 10 glasses would I get a discount ?

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